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By Lex Empress

8-15 June, 2019

6-13 July, 2019

19-26 October, 2019

26 October-2 Nov 2019



Here you can find Your Voice, your words, your song and healing of old patterns. Here you can sing, be sung to and discover the ability to see your truth and learn to verbalize What You See. Here you can find silence too. Here you will remember that you are your own medicine.

The Retreat

you are in pursue of substantial change? The retreat is made to fit your needs. All that we offer is unique. 
The work is adjusted in the moment through the great expertise of our team and with great care for our participants. You will go home lighter, more relaxed, rewired and more awake then you were before.

THE SONG teams up with Erika Tangari THE FOOD creating vegan masterpieces every day.

Her food will change your view on consumption and health.

Steffi Holzer, our gifted deep tissue matrix massage healer is flown in all the way from Bali.

We have musicians joining from all over the world creating Songs for you with Lex Empress,

Every morning we have yoga fit for all levels by our professional yoga teachers .

There are breathing sessions from the skilled Kasia and a gestalt therapy session with our psychologist Anais . 

This big team is here in order to offer the highest quality possible.

The entire team is honouring the art of improvisation and flow in the moment while following the program of the week meant to change your life for the better


THE RETREAT takes anyone fast forward to 


  • Changing not serving behaviour

  • Identifying negative patterns and clearing them

  • Redefining negative thought patterns

  • Reconnecting to the moment as apposed to looking back and planning ahead 

  • Being more aware of physical patterns and redefining them

  • Identifying nutritional patterns that don’t serve anymore

  • Deep relaxation, in body, mind and spirit

  • Speaking your personal and professional voice in the upmost authentic way


THE RETREAT takes place in stunning locations Ibiza Spain, Belgium and Costa Rica in 2019


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is a young rebel in the food industry. She sees our world in need and acts upon it. Here there is no room for doubt. With immense know how of the science behind food plus combining it with various world views on the subject she creates a revolutionary yet sustainable kitchen.

She is getting on the barricade with her cooks knife in the hand stating that the food innovation has to take place now in order to let the human specie survive in relative harmony with the world it lives in.

In taste this doesn’t imply doing any concessions  You will be mind blown without a doubt about the quality.

The tastes are refined, intricate, poetic, undefinable yet familiar. It’s a journey eating her food.

Her dishes are one of kind. Every dish is one of a kind as she connects to the group. Before anything she connects to her pure ingredients and where they came from. The source, and specific way of working define the outcome.

Seeing her work, hearing her speak passionately, eating her food is similar to attending a magnificent performance. The flavours, the quality. The undeniable influence of the Italian cuisine, the Indian kitchens essence and the finesse of the japanse kitchen plus her own vision create a dance of pure beauty.

•THE FOOD is the perfect food created for that moment in that specific setting. It is an experience.

•THE FOOD best be enjoyed with THE SONG as a combined experience of being in the moment in full awareness of its possibilities.

•THE FOOD is part of THE RETREAT with THE SONG as the guiding force. They complement each other perfectly.

•THE FOOD offers insights on how to redefine the point of view on food, nutrition, the body and life in general. 

About Lex Empress


Lex Empress has been an intuitive inspirer with her voice work for the almost twenty years. She has mesmerised enormous crowds​ in electronic music settings as well as in intimate jazz performances. Improvisation has always been her ally and in the past few years, she has fine-tuned her improvisations to create transformation for the listener, both for the entire audience as one as well as for the individual. Her Soulsong concerts are sold out globally and her latest retreats have proven to be amazing medicine for anyone attending.  They combine the essence of both her performance work and her transformational work. This is the start of an amazing new journey, stay tuned.

"This was one of the deepest shamanic journeys I have embarked on. The medicine received from song, food sharing and the nurturing, loving space that Lex holds have been totally transformative and soul inspiring."  Emily Gilchrist
"Lex Empress, what's in a name. The best, the purest and most soulshaking experience ever! OMG! Love you, thank you."  Nellen Edens
"I am so very chuffed that I gifted myself this retreat. Full medicine, just what the doc ordered."  Ruth Lorna King
"Thank you for helping me clear my head and soul and for guidance on my journey. Everyone should be prescribed to this experience."  Gill Chadbon
"Lex is pure medicine that accords your real self with the harmonics of your soul. Be present, be happy, be yourself and a new oneness is possible. New light is sparkling in us! Thank you."  Marco Ferraris
"This is the most profound work i have ever come across. I have in a few days been able to connect to my true self."  Sissel Karlsen

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